Our Services

We offer tailor-made services to individuals and institutions. 

Training & capacity building

Communicating science requires the ability to deep-dive into the subject and bring about the premise that agrees with both the science and the audience. Nobody develops such skills in one day: training, practice, and guidance help become an expert science communicator. Also, as operating in silos becomes the practice of the past, research that resolves real-life issues is being given precedence. 

So, whether you work in basic science, clinical or translation science, you need to counsel, address, educate and build relationships with different audiences. To help you acquire the necessary skills to communicate and engage as per the desired objective and audience, we develop training and online courses.

We conceptualize and create our training materials in alignment with the science communication research produced worldwide. We study best practices and case studies to equip you with the art of science outreach. You can request a one-to-one coaching session, training session for your institute/organization, or learn from the online courses at your own pace.

 At Project Biology, we currently offer trainings for a batch of upto 10 people across the following themes: 

Reach out to us if you would like to request training for your insitution and custom batch size you might have at [email protected]

Content Creation​

Taking science from your institution to relevant stakeholders and audience brings positive engagement, increases visibility, and enhances credibility. It also helps start a two-way dialog, bridging the gap between scientific findings and those it affects. As the target audiences connect with the research, the impact shows, that could bring in raving reviews and supporting agencies for the work you do. Therefore, we help you bring out the story and relay it to your audiences. We combine our passion for the subject and storytelling to produce content that speaks to the audience. At Project Biology, we offer you an array of services to connect with the audiences via effective science communication.

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Consulting Services​

Consulting services cater to the institutions, organizations, and research groups of any size aiming to undertake science outreach, science education and/or any other science communication campaigns. We focus on aspects that may remain undermined by putting in strategic and audience-centric research. You can delegate the tedious planning and research tasks, creative content planning, audience-focused outreach strategies and other crucial aspects of your next public outreach project to us.  The outcomes include key messages, audience insights, outreach strategy, framing strategy, and a plan that produces engagement. 

We can work across specific stages of a project or throughout the project cycle by assisting you in analyzing, conceptualizing, implementing, re-aligning and even identifying relevant evaluation strategies.

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