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Co-authored & designed book on Crop Health Management

How does a largely agrarian society like India manages its huge wealth of crops and biodiversity? What are the different steps taken, what are the devices and measures of crop health management? The curious topic demands insightful discussions. 

Keeping in view the holistic nature of issue, the book “Crop Health Management – An Indian Story” was written to take the reader through a comprehensive journey across different aspects of crop health management in India. It talks about IPM practices, state of crop protection chemicals, conversations & controversies, and more, the book has been written in alignment with the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH) 2020. 

Thus, through the multitude of issues, it is intended to present the matters in a forthcoming manner to allow the multiple stakeholders ranging from an individual to the policy makers to comprehend the present state and initiate dialog for future undertakings.

I was lucky to have worked with esteemed actors of the sectors including C.D. Mayee, Govind Gujar, and Bhagirath Choudhary.

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Grant Writing Workshop

I liaised with RSD connecting them with Malini Pillai for the grant writing workshop for students from IIT-Madras as a part of the institute’s first virtual celebration of the annual flagship Research Scholars Day 2021. The presentation given by her was jointly developed with Project Biology.

RSD presents an opportunity for academics and researchers to move beyond the theories of textbooks and laboratories and for great minds to come together for a free exchange of ideas and research interests.

The workshop catered to,, MS, and Ph.D. scholars and was led by Malini Pillai, Grant advisor, National Center for Biological Sciences.

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