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I write, communicate, design, and manage social media.

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About me

A life science graduate with a masters in forensic science (major biology), I went on to combine my love for writing and science and build a career out of it. I worked in different capacities as a full-time employee, freelancer, and consultant. Such varied work helped me learn critical thinking, creative problem solving, adopting a frugal approach, time management and valuing the client/project. Science communication met me around the corners of LinkedIn sometime back, and since then, I have been intrigued to learn more and do more in the field. As a result, you are at Project Biology, where I publish content about science communication strategies, research, its relation with different areas, and more. I am currently enrolled in the MSc Science Communication course at the University of Sheffield (2021-2022), learning the technicalities and intricacies of the field from the best.

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My Strengths

Scientific Writing

Popular Science Writing

Designing Infographics

Ability to work across different subject areas

Strong communication and people skills

Areas I am working for

Podcast Production

Communication & content strategies

Social media for science

My work style

Talk & Understand

Discover as much as I can about subject area and project requirements.


Acquire evidence from credible sources.


Build the though process, collate facts, begin working.


Make best results available for everyone.

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